Desert Erosion Table

Limited Edition Collab Marthine Spinnangr X Milla Studio table. Ø90 H42. Material dekton and ceramics. 

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Sandstorm tableware

Sandstone is a type of rock that is often found in the desert and that has been formed by grains of sand being buried and then bound together by minerals.

Sandstone is often multicolored and these cups and bowls consists of 3 types of clay that have been organically shaped together into their final shape.

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Mosi sidetable

Inspired by human poses and nature walks and is both a sculpture and a pedestal.

Glazed ceramics

Represented by Galerie Philia

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Palucca Chair

The Palucca chair is based on still movements by actress Andrea Jervell where the lines and power of the form have been sketched. Inspired by Kandinsky´s sketches of the dance movements of Gret Palucca, Spinnangr has morphed and modeled human poses presented by Jervell. The chair is made of
stoneware clay using coiling and has an unglazed surface.

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100 sculptures

The sculpture is part of the series "running free", which is an ongoing project that will consist of a total of 100 sculptures. The project is about seeing what happens when you let go of the reigns and lean into your instincts and intuition. In many ways, the project is a way of understanding form through bodily inherent knowledge. The intimate relationship with form is allowed to move freely through an intuitive dialogue with the clay, and a curiosity about the material is allowed to express itself through glazes, surfaces and movements.

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