Embodiment through the dialog with clay

I strive to create objects and sculptures that elevate the everyday experience and that are created with a peaceful mind and an open heart. As a ceramicist the connection to the clay is where the magic happens, this is where forms are allowed to emerge as I create through an intuitive dialog with the clay. 

I create both series of designed objects and sculptures that are completely unique.The curiosity towards the complexity of the materiality of ceramics is central in my explorations, whether it be large sizes or new glaze compositions. My work is often inspired by nature, human poses or the intersection between the two. 

To have an experimental approach to my work allows me to explore different clay bodies, additives to the clay body, sizes and explore glaze recipes that can seem to almost explode over the clay. My work is often seen with a tactile surface that is a pattern that is left after my coiling process.

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