Desert Erosion Table

Limited Edition Collab Marthine Spinnangr X Milla Studio table. Ø90 H42. Material dekton and ceramics. 

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Sandstorm tableware collection

Sandstone is a type of rock that is often found in the desert and that has been formed by grains of sand being buried and then bound together by minerals.

Sandstone is often multicolored and these cups and bowls consists of 3 types of clay that have been organically shaped together into their final shape.

This is a limited collection series with Milla Studio.

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Sculptural lamp

Ceramic lamp created in stoneware clay for Milla Studio. Limited edition series. 90cmx35cmØ

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Ukiyo vase

The Ukiyo Vase is based on a design process where I focused on the human body. In a morphed process the small mockups where created into bigger objects and finally into this vase. All the ukiyo vases are different just as the the human body. The word ukiyo is Japanese and is all about enjoying the pleasure aspects of life. So the ukiyo vase is about adding more beauty and more pleasure and is as beautiful without flowers as it is with.

It is created through a coiling process and has a white glazed surface with sparks of caramel. It is coated with a layer inside to make sure it is waterproof and safe to use.

Medium measurement around 30cm height

Large measurement around 40 cm height

All vases are made to order and take 4-6 weeks. 

Photo by Pernille Haugen

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